B-Line App Screenshot - Profile.png

To participate download B-Line and enter the access code: BAKERESF

ESF is partnering with B-Line, a commuter-survey platform to host the first annual Campus Carbon Challenge

The purpose of the challenge is to help SUNY-ESF achieve LEED certification for Baker and collect data to improve biking and transit connectivity on campus and throughout the city.

 To participate in the challenge, simply download the B-Line mobility survey app below to record your commuting patterns. Doing so will have your name entered to win 1 of 5 $25 Amazon gift cards.

At the end of the challenge, prizes and results will be announced at USA’s TGIO event on the Quad April 30 (4pm - 6pm). The afternoon will be filled with music, food, and beverages. Don’t forget to lug your mug!


Special Thanks to Carbon Challenge Sponsors