Doesn't google already Collect this data?

When Google collects location information from a user, it collects this information infrequently and with no concept of schedule or route. It just picks up points periodically when a user launches the Google Maps application to check for directions, or calculate a route.

If location services are active on a user’s phone Google knows what dates, locations and some information on a user’s daily travel patterns within a city; however,  Google does not know the specifics around a user’s departure time, or how they get from Point A to Point B. This is the type of information necessary for infrastructure planning within cities. In essence, the data Google collects is patchy

Privacy laws also prevent Google from selling users travel patterns to private individuals and companies for security reasons.  Nevertheless, private companies do use Google to advertise to users within a specific geographic area using anonymized location data. 

Privacy Laws

Location data collected by the B-Line platform is conducted in adherence with national and international privacy laws. For further information, please review the terms of our Privacy Policy